You demand the highest performance from each part of the printing press. ┬áTogether with strong chemical resistance to today’s aggressive inks and solvents, our blades have proven their high quality both to the original equipment manufacturer and to the end users.

  • Quick wash-up performance.
  • Specifically formulated rubber, plastic, and other specialty materials, which ensure maximum performance and wear resistance.
  • Unique bonding process between metal and rubber so that there is never a bond failure.
  • Sharp and perfectly straight wiping edge.
  • Specially treated metal for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Safe metal parts so that there are no sharp edges or burrs.
  • Shipment available within 24 hours on standard and specialty parts.
  • Excellent pricing.
  • We can fit every press in your shop.

L.A. Grinding manufactures blades for the following sheet-fed and web-offset presses:

AB Dick, Adast, Akira, Akiyama, AM, Arrow, Ashton, ATF Chief, Aurelia, Baker Perkins, BFI Inoprint, Bover-Star, Cameron, Chambon, Champion, Clary, Consolidated, Crabtree-Falcon, Dalgren, Davidson, Dev-Horizon, Didde-Glasser, Drent, Dutro, Ebco, F.A.G., Fuji, Gallus, Gestener, Goebel, Goss, Halm, Hamada, Hamilton Stevens, Hantscho, Harris, Hashimoto, HCM, Heath, Heidelberg, Hess & Baker, Hitachi, Hoe, Imperial, Itek, Kidder, King, Koenig & Bauer, Komori, Kopac, Magnum, Mailander, Man Roland, Mergenthaler, Miehle, Miller, Mitsubishi, Miya-koshi, Mona, Morgan, Mueller-Martini, Multi, Nebiolo, Oliver, Omsca, Omni Adast, Pavano, PCM, Planeta, Quadra, Roland, Rotaprint, Royal Zenith, Ryobi, Sakurai, Sanden, Sanki, Schriber, Shinohara, Shiva, Solna, S & S, Stevens, Strachen-Henshaw, Taiyo, Timsons, TKS, Toko, Toppan-Moore, Toshiba, Ukita, Vandercook, Waldron, Web Leader, Webendorfer, Western Gear, Whittaker, Winkler-Donnebier…and more.

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