The importance of a Good Cutting Stick

Cutting Stick

Cutting Sticks are a very important accessory and a crucial component for all makes and models of paper cutters, three knife trimmers and other cutting machinery. Cutting sticks are fitted into the slot on the cutting machine and were developed to save and protect the edge of the cutting blade that is being used to cut the material. When you make a proper selection of cutting sticks, you can significantly improve your cutting production, improve your cut quality and extend the edge life of your industrial paper knife or other industrial cutting blade.  Today’s print finishers demand high quality cutting, optimum durability and high performance with their cutting sticks. LA Grinding Company offers cutting sticks that meet all of these demands and we offer the highest selection for all types of industrial paper knives including standard inlay, high speed steel and carbide.

Here are just a few types of cutting sticks that LA Grinding offers:

  • Standard Cutting Sticks:  Our standard cutting sticks are made of Polyethylene. Polyethylene provides superior qualities in a cutting stick and it is one of the most versatile and cost effective plastics in comparison to other thermo-forming plastic materials. The grade we use is a high density Polyethylene and is usually a green or white colored stick.  This grade of cutting stick is the most popular for general use with all of the standard grades of industrial knives (inlay, high speed steel and carbide). We provide accurately machined sizes to fit most manufacturers’ specifications or the cutting sticks are available cut to your specific length or in full 118″ bars.
  • Premium Cutting Sticks: These cutting sticks are usually a gray in color.  These cutting sticks are made out of a heavy-duty Polypropylene (this plastic is for applications demanding high impact resistance, strength and durability) and are intended for those jobs that are seen in high volume cutting environments.
  • Original Red Cutting Sticks: These are PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) cutting sticks and are red in color. These are a very popular style of flat cutting stick design. PVC is the most widely used material for manufacturing plastic products and our PVC cutting sticks are more rigid and stronger than the majority of other thermoplastics on the market.
  • White Nylon Cutting Sticks:  These hard, cast nylon cutting sticks are very dense and are specifically suited to high-volume pounding and cutting. Our cast nylon cutting sticks have excellent tensile and compressive strength; they have great wear properties and are an excellent fit for our high-volume pounding customers.

The natural smoothness and self-mending qualities of our cutting sticks can lengthen the stick life. This means your cutting sticks stay in the channel/slot longer than many other types of cutting sticks on the market today. This toughness means that you do not have to rotate our sticks as frequently as other sticks. We have been told by our customers that our sticks have a longer life and do not need to be turned or changed as often as our competitors.


  • High Quality Cutting Sticks for your Paper Cutterswill protect your cutting blades and enable you to get a clean sharp edge on your paper stack.
  • Be sure to get the entire use out of your cutting stick. With most sticks, there are 8 different stick positions. The stick can be rotated 4 times, and then turned end to end, and rotated 4 times again.
  • A worn cutting stick can affect the cut quality of your bottom sheets. When this happens, the cutting stick can be and should be rotated. The cutting stick should be rotated one or two times between knife sharpening.
  • Replace your cutting stick when it is well worn on all four sides. If you delay in replacing the cutting sticks, the cut quality will be affected. LA Grinding Company sells Cutting sticks for all makes and models and they are sold in quantities of twelve per package.
  • Do not set the knife too deep or the cutting stick will be diminished. You should only need to set the knife deep enough to cut through the paper lift and last sheet of paper. Ideally, it is recommended that you should only need to set the knife .004’’-.006’’ into the stick.

Call LA Grinding today and our experienced sales representatives will work closely with you to determine the perfect type of cutting stick you need for your specific cutting environment. We have cutting stick experts on staff from 7:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific time Monday through Friday so CALL us to determine the best cutting sticks for your needs.   If you prefer, you can also email our cutting sticks experts at [email protected].